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                     NO RUN ZONE 

On or inside the 5yd dash line you must pass the ball forward OVER the line of scrimmage and you CANNOT run the ball.

             ONE Hand Jam on Receivers


ONLY a ONE HAND jam within 5 yards of coverage is allowed.

               40/21 MERCY RULE  


If at anytime AFTER the 1st half a team has a lead of 40 points or more the game will be called. If their is a 21 point differential or greater at or inside the 2 minute warning of the 2ND HALF the game will be called.



You can NOT add any players to your roster after the 5th game of the regular season. At this time your roster is locked for the playoffs. 10 player MINIMUM per team and a 14 player MAX per team.



Non-roster players can ONLY play/sub in ONE REGULAR season game for that team. NEVER in the playoffs will a non-roster player be allowed to play. You can only sub ONCE for a MAX of 2 DIFFERENT teams per season. PERENNIAL TOP PLAYERS taking a season off will NOT be allowed to sub. COMISSIONER HAS FINAL SAY



Players from other teams can be used to sub ONLY when you need them to reach 7 players total. Subs CAN NOT be a TOP 2 Scorer on their team or a TOP 2 Defensive STAT league leader, or a TOP 2 QB (Td-Int Ratio) in the league. If you already have 7 players you can bring your own sub, but you CAN NOT use a player from another team to sub. PERENNIAL TOP PLAYERS taking a season off will NOT be allowed to sub. COMISSIONER HAS FINAL SAY


Overtime Rules
  • Coin toss will determine who starts with the ball in OT.

  • Each team gets one possession of 4 downs from the 20yd line, only ONE ROUND of OT in the REGULAR SEASON.  If both teams score XP/2PT will determine the winner.

  • ONE timeout per team, per round in OT.

  • OT is continuous in the PLAYOFFS with teams flipping who starts with the ball for each round, until one team fails to match.

  • After the first round both teams are forced to go for a 2pt conversion try after each TD in all the following rounds of playoff OT.

League Game Play


Being Banned: If you or your team gets banned from the league (fighting or chronic arguing with players/referees) you are NOT entitled to ANY refund.

Forfeit: Forfeit time is game time. Teams must have 5 players to begin or continue a game. A 10 minute extension can be given at the referee's discretion.


Coin Toss: Winner decides (a) to start the game with the ball, or start the 2nd half with the ball. Or (b) which side of the field to defend first. 

In the PLAYOFFS the team with the better seed makes the first choice with no actual coin toss.


Game Time: Two 20 minute halves - Running clock


Clock Stops: at 2 minute warning. Inside of the final 2 minutes of each half the clock will stop on an incomplete pass or by going out of bounds.


Timeouts: Each team gets 2 timeouts per half.


Screen Blocking: Arms kept flat to your body, with no hand blocking or extension of arms or elbows. No running screen blocks DOWN FIELD, all blocks past the line of scrimmage must be stationary picks.


Ball Must Be Called Live Before SnappingOffense must wait for a verbal and/or whistle notice from the referee that the ball is live before being able to snap the ball at anytime.


Ball Must be CENTERED Beforing Snapping: You CAN NOT line up the ball at a hash and snap it.


3 Bud Pass Rush: 1 blitz per series of 4 downs.


1 Blitz Per Series of 4 Downs: FREE Rush whenever a 2nd player touches the ball after the QB receives the snap. 


NO RUN ZONE: on or inside the 5yd dash line you must pass the ball forward over the line of scrimmage and CANNOT run the ball.

Qb scramble: Qb can not scramble unless he is rushed first.


1st Down: (2) 1st down markers , 20 yards from each endzone.


Ball Spot: Ball is spotted where the football is at the time of being flagged , except when diving for a catch. On a dive the ball will be spotted where the player's KNEES land.


Touchback: will be spotted at the 5yd dash line.

Safety: (ball must be in the endzone) 2pts for the defense and the defense takes over with the ball at the furthest 20yd line as if it were punted.

Legal Catch: You must have at least ONE FOOT in bounds, and show possession.


Flag Belt Falls off: If the ball carriers flag belt falls off on its own he must be touched with one hand by the defense.


Towel, Glove or Any Other Item Hanging From Waist or Pocket: is considered a flag, if pulled ball carrier is down as if it were a flag that had been pulled.


Running Through Defender: You CANNOT lower your shoulder, and/or go straight through a defensive player.

ONLY ONE Hand Jam on receivers: Only a one hand check is allowed in coverage. 2 hand jam = 10yrd penalty


Fumbles: are dead and not recoverable.


Punting: If you choose to punt, the opposing team takes over at the furthest first down marker. No actual kicking is involved.


Simulation of Snap Count: The use of words or gestures by the DEFENSE to simulate the offense's cadence or audible is illegal. 5yd penalty.

Snap Interference: No defender can enter the halo of the center's body, hand, arm, or ball during the initial snap starting play. Once the snap is clearly past the halo of the center's body, hand, arm it is then eligible to be batted down or intercepted. 

This is a JUDGEMENT CALL by the referee and a 10yd Unsportsmanlike penalty.

Screen Blocking Rule
  • NO Hand Blocking

  • Absolutely NO extension of the arms when blocking.

  • Hands must be held flat to your body as you move your feet BEHIND the line  of scrimmage.

  • No running screen blocks down field, all blocks PAST the line of scrimmage must be stationary, basketball like pick blocks.

  • Defense may make limited contact to bypass the block.

  • The defender CANNOT Bull Rush through a blocker.

  • The Defender nor the Blocker can go low at the point of contact.

                   MAKING PLAYOFFS

  8 TEAMS = ALL 8 Make Playoffs

10 TEAMS = TOP 9 Make Playoffs

11 TEAMS = TOP 9 Make the Playoffs

12 TEAMS = TOP 10 Make Playoffs


  MUST Use LEAGUE owned Flag Belts, no private belts can be used for league play. Shirts must be TUCKED IN. Flags have to be over the shirt with FLAG CLIP/BUCKLE fully VISIBLE.

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