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Overtime Rules
  • Coin toss will determine who starts with the ball in OT.

  • Each team gets one possession of 4 downs from the 20yd line, only ONE round of OT in the regular season.  If both teams score XP/2PT will determine the winner.

  • ONE timeout per team in OT.

  • OT is continuous in the PLAYOFFS with teams flipping who starts with the ball for each round, until one team fails to match.

  • After the first round both teams are forced to go for a 2pt conversion try after each TD in all the following rounds.



You can NOT add any players to your roster after the 5th game of the regular season. 14 player MAX  per team.



Non-roster players can ONLY play in ONE REGULAR season game for that team. NEVER in the playoffs will a non-roster player be allowed to play.


Touchdown = 6 Points

XP = 1 FREE PAT if chosen


2PT conversion = 2 points (PASS ONLY from the 5 yard line) 



Safety = 2 points (Defense takes over @ 1st Down marker)


Defensive score on two point try = 2 points


40/21 Mercy Rule = If at anytime AFTER the 1st half a team has a lead of 40 points or more the game will be called. If their is a 21 point differential or greater at or inside the 2 minute warning of the 2ND HALF the game will be called.


INCLUSION RULE = If at anytime a REF or the Commissioner feels you are carrying a team in order to pad stats, the game will be called a forfeit and no stats will count for your team. AKA stopping in front of the endzone only to lateral to a teammate, purposely missing flags and allowing a team to score to avoid the Mercy Rule. Taking a knee in front of the endzone with a 21 point or more lead, for the sole purpose of getting your teammate a TD, in an attempt to steal the scoring title.




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