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Screen Blocking Rule
  • No Hand Blocking

  • Absolutely NO extension of the arms when blocking.

  • Hands must be held flat to your body as you move your feet BEHIND the line  of scrimmage.

  • No running screen blocks down field, all blocks PAST the line of scrimmage must be stationary, basketball like pick blocks.

  • Defense may make limited contact to bypass the block.

  • The defender CANNOT Bull Rush through a blocker.

  • The Defender nor the Blocker can go low at the point of contact.



MUST Use LEAGUE owned Flag Belts, no private belts can be used for league play. Shirts must be TUCKED IN. Flags have to be over the shirt with FLAG CLIP/BUCKLE fully VISIBLE.


NO Flag Belt prior to the snap 5yd penalty  (repeat down) for the OFFENSE. 


NO flag belt Prior to the snap on DEFENSE is NOT a penalty, however if the defender who intercepts the ball has NO FLAG on at the time of the interception (for any reason) the play will be DEAD right there, the ball won't be allowed to be advanced. The intercepting team will take possession on offense. 


10yd penalty having an ILLEGAL (Tied or Non- League Belt) belt and loss of down.

10yd Penalty wearing a HAND WARMER POUCH around the waist.

     ONLY a ONE Hand Jam Of Receivers


ONLY a ONE hand check within 5yds. TWO HAND Jamming will be seen as defensive holding and penalized as such. 10yds automatic first down for a 2 hand jam.

                    NO RUN ZONE


NO RUN ZONE: on or inside the 5yd dash line you must pass the ball forward over the line of scrimmage and CANNOT run the ball. 10yd  penalty & Loss of down.

Penalty Break Down

Extensive Arguing with Referee: extensive arguing of any referee decisions will result in an unsportsmanlike 15yd penalty and possible ejection. JUDGEMENT CALL BY AN OFFICAL. Cursing at or toward a referee will result in an AUTO EJECTION. 


Being Banned: If you or your team gets banned from the league fighting, chronic arguing with players/referees, bad mouthing the league on social media or continually bad mouthing the league in general you are NOT entitled to ANY refund and you will no longer play in the league.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct:  JUDGEMENT CALL BY AN OFFICAL. 15yd penalty, Auto 1st Down or Loss of down, and possible ejection. (Regardless if it's a dead ball foul or not)   

Two unsportsmanlike penalties in the same game = AUTO EJECTION from game.


PENALTY Inside 2:00 by the OFFENSE: while the game clock is RUNNING will be a 10 second runoff.

PENALTY Inside 2:00 by the DEFENSE: the clock would be reset to what the time was prior to the snap.

Delay of game: 5yd Penalty (25 second play clock)

False Start: 5yd Penalty

Offsides: 5yd Penalty


Hitting the QBs arm: 10yd Penalty, Auto 1st down


Offensive Holding: 10yd penalty & Loss of down . If holding is committed from within the offense's own end zone, the result is a safety.

Defensive Holding Or Tackling: 10yd Penalty & Auto 1st down.

Automatic TD IF defense holds *inside the 5yd line*


QB scrambling without being rushed first: 10yd penalty & Loss of down

NO RUN ZONE: on or inside the 5yd dash line you must pass the ball forward over the line of scrimmage and CANNOT run the ball. 10yd  penalty & Loss of down.


Illegal Block/Holding: 10yd penalty & Loss of Down


Flag Guarding: 10yd Penalty & Loss of down from point of infraction,

If Flag Guarding is committed from within the offense's own end zone, the result is a safety.


Diving / Jumping to advance the ball: 10yd Penalty & Loss of down, at point of infraction.


Contact while diving to flag a player: diving to flag a player is LEGAL but taking down a player while diving is an Unsportsmanlike Conduct 10yd penalty automatic 1st down


Diving to catch the ball: Is LEGAL but the ball is spotted where the player's knees land.


Forward Lateral: 10yd penalty from spot of the foul & Loss of Down

Illegal Forward Pass: 10yd Penalty & Loss of Down. Qb having BOTH FEET over the line of scrimmage or the football being thrown forward twice.


Offensive Pass Interference: 10yd Penalty and Loss of Down

Defensive Pass Interference: Spot foul and Automatic First Down 


Called T/O with 0 Remaining: 10yd Penalty & 10 second runoff

Blitzing with No Blitz remaining: 10yd Penalty automatic 1st down


Too many men on the field: 5yd penalty and replay down, whether against offense or defense. This is a pre-snap penalty that may be caught late but still is a pre-snap penalty


Simulation of Snap Count: 5yd penalty replay down. The use of words or gestures (CLAPPING) by the DEFENSE to simulate the offense's cadence or audible is illegal. 

Snap Interference: No defender can enter the halo of the center's body, hand, arm, or ball during the initial snap starting play. Once the snap is clearly past the halo of the center's body, hand, arm it is then eligible to be batted down or intercepted. 

This is a JUDGEMENT CALL by the referee and a 10yd Unsportsmanlike penalty.

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